Mission Statement


FloatDreams integrates new modalities of relaxation for mental, spiritual, and physical well being! Floatdreams is the only full service marketing and consulting company that sells the full product line of Samadhi Tank Company and Tank Alternatives. These two companies are the major suppliers of most of the floating environments sold over the last 25 years. Floatdreams offers expert professional design and consulting services along with direct sales of these fine product lines. There is a float environment for every budget and situation. Floatdreams can make your choice easy. In response to many inquires, we offer a special sale to home floaters on a limited budget.

My personal goal is to get Floatation Tanks and Great Art into the world. Floating, like great art has a transformative effect and uplifts our spirits.

My focus is to get the right tools to business people, which allows you to become more effective at your work. Clarity of mind and being is the first step in this process. I see Art and Floatation Environments inside every office and home. Floatation Tanks enables you to think and perform at a higher level.

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