European FloatRoom Drop-In

This is architecturally installed like any other bath tub fixture. The items listed in the graphic are only those that would be required from us for an overseas project. Heater controllers, filter systems, etc. would be sourced locally in the clients country or market area.

Price: $17,000 as described for the FloatDreams European FloatRoom Drop In

Price: $ 27,500 for the delux FloatDreams European FloatRoom Drop In


The key to the graphic are:

A) the tub

B) heaters 300 watts each X 2=600 watts installed to tub

C) insulation installed to tub

D) one electrical heater sensor installed to the tub

E) two filtration ports installed to the tub

F) two air buttons installed to the tub (still in the debate stage)


1) 50% down, balance due PRIOR to shipment

2) Shipping charges, crating (packaging), and professional services (design, installations, consultation, delivery, maintenance or repairs) are extra transactions by separate contract.

3) Crating (packaging) charges are on a case by case basis depending on destination and circumstances (roughly these extra charges range from $500 to $700 and up).

4) Shipping charges can be only estimated by the sales agent by providing the exporter of choice and full shipping address from the buyer and the shipper (High-Tech Deck and Spas, Inc. FOB Bristol, PA 19007).

5) Offer is only valid to qualified buyers outside the 48 contiguous United States of America sold to or through authorized sales agents for High-Tech Deck and Spas,Inc.

6) A detailed " Contractors/ Design Manual" is provided with each unit.

7) The product quoted above is not a complete installation. Heater controller , filtration systems, framing, and other materials and/or services are to be obtained at the site of installation at extra cost to the buyer.

8) For those buyers that are interested in a Licensing Agreement for use of this technology in their country a negotiation between the buyer and the seller will have to be completed with the approval of High-Tech Deck and Spas, Inc.

9) Delivery dates are quoted on a case by case basis. Roughly, 8-10 weeks are reasonable upon a confirmed order from time of order to shipping company receipt of goods FOB our factory.


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