Floating and Beauty Benefits

Floating will allow you to feel younger more attractive, lean and energetic. Floating will allow you to radiate excitement and energy. Floating will allow you to feel again like when you were a kid.

People's problems usually consist of being worried or dissatisfied with how they look and feel.

Tension plays a big part in this affecting even the appearance of the skin. "Any noticeable skin disorder should be regarded as stress related until proven otherwise" says, well known author, Dr. Andrew Weil.

Scientists are also studying the link between emotional stress and wrinkles. Based on a finding by Dr. George Murphy, Professor of Dermatology and Pathology at the University of Pennsylvania, there is some evidence that tension can trigger mast cells located beneath the skin surface resulting in decrease elasticity and thus deeper facile lines.

"After all, if stress can bring forth unwanted changes such as premature graying of hair, wouldn't it promote wrinkles?" asks Dr. Murphy.


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