About Foat Dreams

Our Company

Float Dreams has installed hundreds of tanks in homes, hotels, spas, wellness, yoga, chiropractic, and sports centers internationally.

Through their work they have proven themselves and have earned international recognition.

Float Dreams commitment is notable worldwide. Their dedication to create solutions and deliver has created the industry standard.

Float Dreams was founded in 1997 in order to provide clients with solutions and assistance to each phase of floatation tank operations.

Float Dreams is the float tank most dedicated resource. They sell, consult with architects and contractors, train, install and maintain floatation tanks and environments worldwide.

Float Dreams assists in achieving the vision by developing a thorough plan with a strict critical path to ensure that all objectives are achieved on a timely and cost efficient basis.

We have successfully developed turnkey operations internationally.

We develop a unique approach to meet the ever-increasing demand for each float centers owner. Float Dreams has internationally based partners in Europe, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

These partners give customers the ease to communicate and understand what is essential for either personal or business application.

As well to assist each purchase in shipping, design, installation, maintenance and service issues.

Float Dreams goal is to assist individuals and communities to build the necessary infrastructure needed to provide self-reliance and health.



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